Northridge Farm Rider's Yoga Clinic - Spring 2021 - TBD

As riders we spend a large portion of our time making sure our horses are in peak physical condition, we take lessons to perfect the partnership of our position with our horses strength --- but how often do we take the time to consider how we might improve our own physical abilities in ways to support our riding position out of the saddle?   

This clinic will focus on body and mind awareness both in and out of the saddle to improve your position and overall joy in riding.

Lesson horses available for use are limited ($25/ride) and will be assigned on a first come first serve basis, riders are encouraged to haul-in their own horses for optimum gains from this clinic.  For students who are bringing their own horse the first 3 signup's with their own horse will have free stabling.  Additional students with horses will pay a $25/day stabling fee.

Friday - 6p-8:30p 
Unlocking the hips to sit 'in' your horse vs. 'on' it
Learn to drop into meditation with your horse

Saturday - 8:30a-12p 
Riding from your scapula
Deeping meditation techniques

Sunday - 8:30a-12p
Core work and visualization techniques
Restorative practice

Tea, water and light snacks will be available during the main yoga sessions.   Lunch is not provided, so participants are encouraged to bring their own lunches and enjoy them in one of our two eating areas on property.

RIDING SESSION SCHEDULE  (2 group sessions based on rider experience level - lessons will take what is learned in the yoga session one step further to horseback)

Private sessions with our Yoga Clinician Elodie Madewell or a private riding lesson with Nancy Kraus Womack are available.   The private sessions will be after the main instructional periods of Saturday and Sunday.

Yoga Only Session Cost - $275
Yoga and Riding Session Cost - $375

Fees include a full yoga kit to take home including:

mat, bolster, blanket, strap and 2 blocks
Private Session 45 minute with Elodie Madewell - $65
Private Session 45 minute with Nancy Kraus Womack - $65

Participants in the yoga session are able to audit the riding portion at no charge.  Outside auditors are welcome for the riding portion only for a $20 fee per day.


                                             About Yoga Instructor Elodie Madewell 

With back pain starting in her 20s, Elodie finally discovered yoga at almost 40 years old when the back pain was becoming debilitating.  "When she started yoga, I couldn’t touch my toes and my back was going into continuous painful spasms. Yoga has brought be out of pain and into a realm of understanding of how to manage my body for vibrant health and well-being. There are still poses today that I expect will always be out of my reach."  Elodie believes, yoga is not about if your body fits into a certain posture. Yoga is about enhancing the physical, spiritual, mental path that we all walk along – the path of Life. And yes, yoga will make you feel physically stronger and more flexible. But more importantly, yoga will enhance your life choices for the better. Try a class or better yet, start with a private session to have a chance to ask questions and have a yoga experience centered around your needs. All the theory in the world doesn’t help until you put it to the test - begin a yoga practice today. 

Elodie is a graduate of the Purna Yoga College at the 500hr level with Purna Yoga co-founders, Aadil Palkhilvala and Savitri.  ‘Purna’ means complete. Purna Yoga expands beyond the asana (yoga postures) to a practice that incorporates all aspects of yoga to help you lead a loving, meaningful and accomplished life. Purna Yoga  includes nutrition, lifestyle tips, Heartfull™ Meditation and yogic philosophy to bring the practitioner to a fuller life experience through yoga. 

In addition to being an affiliate Purna Yoga teacher, Elodie is a registered E-RYT 500 yoga teacher with Yoga Alliance and a certified teacher with the International Association of Yoga Therapists (C-IAYT). She also holds a license as a Physical Therapist Assistant. She looks forward to combining the training of yoga and allopathic medicine to offer the best of both worlds in yoga and physical therapy.

In the course of her studies, Elodie has primarily been a student of Iyengar teachers, which is a style of yoga that breaks down each pose into its detailed components of balance, alignment and harmony.  She has studied with top teachers in the field such as Lillah Schwartz author of ‘Healing Our Backs with Yoga’; Sharon Conroy Junior Intermediate III Iyengar teacher who founded the first Iyengar community in Louisiana; Roger Cole Ph.D and internationally known Iyengar teacher; Bryan Legere, co-founder of The Great Yoga Wall; Doug Keller author of multiple yoga therapy books and CDs and Laura Tyree, owner of Dragonfly Yoga.

                                         About Riding Instructor
Nancy Kraus Womack 

Nancy Kraus Womack has been teaching and training since Northridge Farm opened in 1988.  She earned her Silver Medal and graduated from the USDF "L Judge with Distinction" in 1998.   Nancy currently trains with Olympian, Bonny Bonnello of Canada. Classical dressage position and technique are emphasized and reinforced in every lesson. 

Nancy has earned many accolades over the course of her riding career.  Having earned horse of the year with KCDS on her horse, Celtic, through Intermediate Level and numerous awards with various horses and students throughout the years.   Nancy continues to ride 5 days a week and is bringing her current Horse, Drambuie up to Prix St. George. Nancy has a firm belief that a riders mindset and position are integral to the overall success of a riding pair.

All of Nancy's lessons and training plans are customized to fit the needs and abilities of the horse and rider.