Our barn manager, Mary Deatherage, has been with us since 1996.  You can rest assured that our horses receive superior care and management from true professionals.  

* Insulated barn stalls with mats, automatic waterers and overhead fans.

* Customized feeding of grain and hay twice daily

* Biological Fly Control

* Daily turnout on large grass pastures with automatic waterers

* Weekly Farrier

Nancy Kraus Womack has been teaching and training since Northridge Farm opened in 1988.  She earned her Silver Medal in 1998 and currently trains with Bonny Bonnello of Canada.  Classical dressage position and technique is emphasized and reinforced in every lesson. 

Through the years Nancy has developed many horses and riders to their full potential and trains and teaches through Grand Prix.  Her current horse, Drambuie, is going Prix St. George.  Nancy also teaches lower level jumping with access to cross country jumps on the grounds of Northridge Farm. 

Lessons and Training are customized to fit the needs and abilities of the horse and rider.  Custom lesson and training plans are available.

Prospective students are encouraged to observe lessons and horses being ridden in training.

Kim DeForest began her riding career at Northridge Farm at the age of 12.  She later acted as the Barn Manager and was in charge of training many of the Northridge Farm signature imported Canadian Sporthorses; as well as instructing young students in dressage and low-level jumping. 

Kim returned to the Kansas City area in 2018 and is again actively involved in training and teaching a new generation of horses and riders. at Northridge Farm.. 

Lessons & Training